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Edgeprint XLJET | Solvent Printer

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Heavy Duty build Structure for handling fast speed movement.
Only Printer with Aluminum Extruded Single Piece Print bed base.
Upgradable up to 8 heads to increase print speed production.
Build to consider upgrade to any future technology or print heads.
Heavy Duty Take-up System to handle heavy weight media flex rolls.
Using well known industrial Konica Minolta 512i Print Heads.
Long Life & Fastest Speed Print Heads Can reach up to 1500sq.ft/hr.
Drop size 30pl suitable for indoor & outdoor printing at very hi resolution.
Drying Fans with Fast Dry InfraRed Heating System Equipped.
Multi Heating system Drying fans, Front Heater, Rear Heaters, Print Bed Heaters.
Premium Quality Linear Rail & Guide for Super Silent Printing.
Most Cost-Effective Inks compatibility for Best output production Costs.

Dual Feature Take up system for Forward and Reverse Capability.
Can Print Banner, Fabric, Coated PP, One-way Vision, PVC Film, SAV.

Printing Speed-sq.ft./hr:
Photo Mode – 2400 | Quality Mode – 2700 | Production Mode – 3200

Optional & add-ons:

  • Main Ink tank Heating System
  • Ink Sub Tank Heating System
  • Print Head & plate Hating System
  • Anti print-head collision Sensors
  • ONYX rip software

Specification of K3308Pro – High Quality Solvent Printer

Model Edgeprint XLJET (Solvent Printer)
Head Model KM512i/30pl Drop Size
Printhead quantity 8 & 12 Heads Options
Printing speed 2pass : 3200 sq.ft/h | 3pass : 2700 sq.ft/h | 4pass : 2400sq.ft/h
Drop volume 30pl droplet size
Drying system Infrared- heater & Fan Stripe
Print width 126 inches
Rip software Photo Print / Ultra Print
Electricity requirement 220v/60A/50HZ
Machine max power 4500W
Printing system 800W
Front&rear heater 1500W
Infrared heater 2200W (Optional)
Machine package size 4700(L)*1030(W)*1570(H)mm
Machine body size 4450(L)*940(W)*1300(H)mm
Gw(kg) 875KG
Nw(kg) 775KG

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice, all rights reserved

Edgeprint XLJET: Redefining the Horizon of Digital Printing

The Edgeprint XLJET stands as a pinnacle of innovation within the realm of digital printing, promising to reshape your whole printing enjoy. This fully-loaded printer is a technological marvel, meticulously crafted with precision and ready with an array of superior features that position it as a true recreation-changer within the dynamic landscape of virtual printing.

A Symphony of Cutting-Edge Features:

1. Konica Minolta Print Heads:
Embark on a journey of unparalleled print great with the Edgeprint XLJET, presenting the progressive Konica Minolta print heads. Renowned for his or her precision and reliability, these print heads elevate the XLJET, making sure that each print isn’t always only a replica however a masterpiece. The sharpness, vibrancy, and steady high best of prints set the XLJET apart inside the competitive printing panorama, making it a top preference for agencies searching for excellence.

2. Byhx Electronics:
At the very center of the Edgeprint XLJET lies the technological prowess of Byhx Electronics, a leading call in the printing industry. The seamless integration of Byhx Electronics serves as the nerve middle, facilitating impeccable conversation and control. This synergy drastically contributes to the printer’s efficiency and ordinary reliability. The XLJET, empowered through Byhx Electronics, stands as a testomony to precision and overall performance, ensuring it meets the needs of the maximum intricate printing obligations simply.

3. Japanese Motors and Drivers:
Driving the XLJET are the robust Japanese automobiles and drivers, regarded for his or her unequalled durability and precision. These components increase the XLJET’s performance, offering a easy and accurate printing experience. The engineering excellence inherent in Japan


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