Superior Technologies India  is Delhi Based Company,

Manufacturers for Solvent Printers, CNC Router, Laser Cutting Machine & Vinyl Cutting Plotter.

Our EdgePrint brand is famous in Print & Graphic and Woodworking Industries because we are highly oriented to our service support for a long period of time in India. And our engineers are well trained for providing quick and better technical service support. We keep inventory of spare parts to solve customer’s problems promptly so we can provide technical support 24×7 & 7 days a week.

Extensive Inventory

We provide a wide range of Inkjet & UV Printers, Vinyl cutting Plotters, CNC Routers, Laser Cutting Machines and Laser Marking Machines.

Service & Support

Our committed and cordial customer support personnel, backed by our team of highly trained and experienced technicians make it happen everyday.


We also provide wide range printing accessories, like Printing Inks, Solvent Printing Inks, UV Curable Inks etc.

Products Categories

Solvent Printer

Out Edgeprint Solvent Printers are high in Demand due to is Stability and Color corrections,  because we are focused on giving best printing results by making real ICC Color Profiles for our customers, to get the best an real like colours for all challenging  shades like Grey, Blue, Parrot Green, Jet Black, as these are the most difficult colours to get from an ordinary printer, click for more info Solvent Printers

cnc router
CNC Router

Our TopTek CNC Routers are most stable due to its unique safety features and Unique design which makes it completely different from our competitors. Best for using in Sign Shop for making Led signs and Best for Woodworking Jobs for making Furnitures & 3D Carving Jobs. for more info CNC Routers

Laser Cutting Machine

We have a Wide range of Inspiron Laser machines available for serving various industries and cutting or engraving a wider range of material for several applications, such as Acrylic, MDF, Metal,  Aluminum, Brass, Plastic, Cloth, Leather, Glass, Wooden and much more, Our machines are versatile Productive and Stable for all industries. for more info Laser Cutting Machines

UV Printer

One of the our Latest  innovations is UV Printers with Higher Production capabilities & Cover the vast printing market for various industries & Applications such as Printing on Glass, Steel, Wooden, MDF, Acrylic, Sun-boards, Coroplast, Vinyl, Leather, Marble and much more, By covering industries as Furniture, Interior, Advertising, Signs, Constructions etc. for more info UV Printers

Eco Solvent Printer

Our Spectrum Eco Solvent Printers are Advanced and fully equipped with the latest Features, using I3200 print heads, Our CISS Ink supply system makes it un-attendant, Our printer is compatible with all Eco solvent, Water based & Bio-Inks, We provide ICC profiles for all inks & Print Medias, Our Printers are Suitable for printing various print media’s such as Canvas, Vinyl, Flex, PVC, Translite, Paper, Backlit etc. click for more info Eco Solvent Printers

Vinyl Cutting Plotter

Our EdgeCut Vinyl Cutting Plotters are the product to five a final finish to the print & cut materials such as printed Vinyl, stickers, Decals, Vehicle Wraps etc. These Cutters are good for cutting self adhesive materials for sign shops and great for Textile industry as well as for stencil making industry too. for more info Vinyl Cutting Plotters

At the time of installation of machine, we provide excellent training sessions to customers and machine operators for machine operation and basic maintenance, absolutely free so that they can operate machines on intimation by email or Mobile

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We Believe that there is only  key to success is

“Quality Product, With the Best Service Support can only Survive”

Our Mission

“Empowering Precision, Elevating Innovation: Where Digital Excellence Meets Cutting-Edge Technology in Inkjet Printing, CNC Routing, Laser Cutting, Fiber Laser Precision, Plotters, and UV Printing.”

why choose us

Our printing & cutting products are designed to perform and engineered to last long. We provide next-generation smart solutions for our industry, considering future needs and adding advantage to the businesses of our buyers.