Edgeprint TAIMES | KM512i Printer

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Heavy Duty build Structure for handling fast speed movement.
Only Printer with Aluminum Extruded Single Piece Print bed base.
Upgradable up to 8 heads to increase print speed production.
Build to consider upgrade to any future technology or print heads.
Heavy Duty Take-up System to handle heavy weight media flex rolls.
Using well known industrial Konica Minolta 512i Print Heads.
Long Life & Fastest Speed Print Heads Can reach up to 1500sq.ft/hr.
Drop size 30pl suitable for indoor & outdoor printing at very hi resolution.
Drying Fans with Fast Dry InfraRed Heating System Equipped.
Multi Heating system Drying fans, Front Heater, Rear Heaters, Print Bed Heaters

Premium Quality Linear Rail & Guide for Super Silent Printing.
Most Cost-Effective Inks compatibility for Best output production Costs.
Dual Feature Take up system for Forward and Reverse Capability.
Can Print Banner, Fabric, Coated PP, One-way Vision, PVC Film, SAV.

Printing Speed-sq.ft./hr: Photo Mode – 850 | Quality Mode – 1200 | Production Mode – 1500

Optional & add-ons:

  • Main Ink tank Heating System
  • Ink Sub Tank Heating System
  • Print Head & plate Hating System
  • Anti print-head collision Sensors
  • ONYX rip software

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