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Edgeprint C8 | Solvent Printer

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Heavy Duty build Structure for handling fast speed movement.
Only Printer with Aluminum Extruded Single Piece Print bed base.
Upgradable up to 8 heads to increase print speed production.
Build to consider upgrade to any future technology or print heads.
Heavy Duty Take-up System to handle heavy weight media flex rolls.
Using well known industrial Konica Minolta 512i Print Heads.
Long Life & Fastest Speed Print Heads Can reach up to 1500sq.ft/hr.
Drop size 30pl suitable for indoor & outdoor printing at very hi resolution.
Drying Fans with Fast Dry InfraRed Heating System Equipped.
Multi Heating system Drying fans, Front Heater, Rear Heaters, Print Bed Heaters.
Premium Quality Linear Rail & Guide for Super Silent Printing.
Most Cost-Effective Inks compatibility for Best output production Costs.

Edgeprint C8: Redefining Excellence in Solvent Printers for the Graphic Printing Industry

Optional & add-ons:

  • Main Ink tank Heating System for make it work in various temperature in all weathers.
  • Ink Sub Tank Heating System is the part of the compatibility of making it work in all weathers.
  • Print Head & plate Hating System  make it compilable with all types of inks of market.
  • Anti print-head collision Sensors to ensure print heads safety from print media stuck
  • ONYX rip software & Wasatch Rip are well known RIP software are fully compatible.

Specification of K3308Pro – High Quality Solvent Printer

Model Edgeprint C8 (Solvent Printer)
Head Model KM512i/30pl Drop Size
Printhead quantity 8 Heads Options
Printing speed 2pass : 3200 sq.ft/h | 3pass : 2700 sq.ft/h | 4pass : 2400sq.ft/h
Drop volume 30pl droplet size
Drying system Infrared- heater & Fan Stripe
Print width 126 inches
Rip software Photo Print / Ultra Print
Electricity requirement 220v/60A/50HZ, Single Phase
Machine max power 5500W
Printing system 1000W
Front&rear heater 1500W
Infrared heater 3000W (Optional)
Machine package size 4700(L)*1030(W)*1570(H)mm
Machine body size 4450(L)*940(W)*1300(H)mm
Gw(kg) 975KG
Nw(kg) 875KG

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Edgeprint C8 is the Pinnacle of Solvent Printers for the Graphic Printing Industry”

In the dynamic realm of the graphic printing industry, the Edgeprint C8 stands tall as the epitome of excellence. Recognized as the best solvent printer in its class, the Edgeprint C8 has rightfully earned its status as a flagship printer, boasting an array of features and quality components that render it virtually maintenance-free. This printer has secured a robust hold in the export market, proudly making its mark in various countries worldwide, including Mexico, Sudan, Africa, Qatar, UAE, South America, Kenya, and many more.

Commitment of Stability

At the heart of the Edgeprint C8 is a commitment to stability, a quality that sets it apart in the competitive landscape. Constructed with heavy-duty metal tube frames, this printer ensures printing precision and top-notch quality. The use of the advanced KM521i print heads, coupled with a heating subtank system, allows the Edgeprint C8 to excel in diverse environmental conditions. The incorporation of silent THK Japanese linear motors enhances its stability, making it virtually vibration and shake-free, ensuring precise print drop alignments for unparalleled resolution and print quality.


One of the standout features of the Edgeprint C8 is its dual drying fans stripe, complemented by I heaters Bar. This meticulous design not only contributes to the swift drying of prints but also ensures consistent and flawless results. The printer’s ability to perform optimally in a variety of settings makes it an ideal choice for graphic printing professionals who demand versatility and reliability from their equipment.

Precision and Stability

The Edgeprint C8’s heavy-duty construction on robust metal tube frames guarantees stability, even during the most intricate YX movements. This dedication to stability is the cornerstone of the printer’s success, providing users with unmatched printing precision. Whether you’re dealing with intricate graphics or large-scale projects, the Edgeprint C8 delivers consistent results, establishing itself as an industry leader.

Japanese Delta Motors 

The Edgeprint C8 employs renowned Japanese Delta motors and drivers, enhancing printer stability and precision. These components uphold their promise, ensuring high-quality printing output while demanding zero maintenance for several years. The utilization of Delta motors underscores the commitment to reliability, making the Edgeprint C8 an enduring choice for those seeking long-term, maintenance-free performance in the dynamic world of graphic printing.

Cutting-Edge Print Technology

Equipped with the advanced KM521i print heads, the Edgeprint C8 redefines print quality standards. The incorporation of a heating subtank system ensures that the printer operates seamlessly in diverse environmental conditions. This adaptability makes it the printer of choice for professionals in Mexico, Sudan, Africa, Qatar, UAE, South America, Kenya, and beyond.

Silent Linear for  Precision

The integration of silent THK Japanese linear motors in the Edgeprint C8 takes its performance to the next level. The elimination of vibrations and shakes guarantees the accurate placement of print drop alignments, resulting in higher resolution and print quality. In the fast-paced world of graphic printing, where precision is paramount, the Edgeprint C8 stands as a testament to engineering excellence.

Dual Drying Fans Stripe and IR Heaters Bar

Efficiency meets innovation with the dual drying fans stripe and IR heaters Bar of the Edgeprint C8. This combination not only accelerates the drying process but also contributes to the overall consistency of print quality. Whether you’re in a high-demand production environment or a specialized niche, this feature ensures that the Edgeprint C8 delivers optimal results, every time.

Global Presence, Local Excellence

The Edgeprint C8’s reputation extends far beyond its country of origin. Having been installed in several countries worldwide, including Mexico, Sudan, Africa, Qatar, UAE, South America, Kenya, and more, it has proven its mettle on the global stage. This international presence is a testament to the printer’s reliability, performance, and ability to meet the diverse needs of the graphic printing industry.

Conclusion: Best Value, Unmatched Performance

In conclusion, the Edgeprint C8 stands as a full-value printer with the best ownership cost in its class. Its commitment to stability, cutting-edge print technology, silent precision, and innovative drying features collectively make it a powerhouse in the graphic printing industry. As businesses around the globe seek a reliable and versatile solution, the Edgeprint C8 emerges as the go-to choice for achieving superior print quality and unmatched performance. Invest in excellence; choose the Edgeprint C8 for your graphic printing needs.

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